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  1. Anonymous4:25:00 AM

    Thanks be to the LORD!
    Thank you for your time, I fell face first into exactly what you had explained. And lo and behold I never really considered hurting my self I had heard strange things in my subconscious mind almost overpowering. I had seen extremely scary visions of being cast away. I thought I would fight the devil I had no idea that this is one of his traps. I was being attacked at night and wondered why, I could not concentrate because my mind was being overwhelmed. I’m not crazy, and not a drug addict I have tried to explain my situation to other Christians and some seem to think I’m silly. In fact last night after I prayed for forgiveness I had another dream. This time it was not an attack but a kind of relief. Honestly the Lord spared my spiritual life by your web site, if what I think would have been allowed to take place I might not be here! I know God alone has the key to death, hell and the grave, but man I was a trespasser of the worst sort not really knowing.

    Praise the Lord for the Truth
    and your message
    Love in Christ
    Nathan, Kentucky

  2. Greetings Nathan,
    Thanks for letting us know how the material on our website has helped you. It’s online because we too were once trapped in false doctrine on spiritual warfare. When the Lord delivered us he gave us a burden to warn others. Hope you will have some to warn as well because the false doctrine has swept millions in entire denominations world over. It’s most prominent among Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations.

    The false teaching (resulting from misinterpreted scripture) may not take anyone to hell but its consequences on believers in the present life is shocking. Instead of bearing much fruit many believers are busy nursing wounds suffered from the spiritual warfare deception. If the devil cannot stop us going to heaven he tries to stop us from being effective Christians in the present life. The spiritual warfare false doctrine is only one of his many strategies against Christians. Others include love of money, pursuit of worldly pleasures, fame, knowledge, etc.

  3. Your book introduction spoke to what has been happening to me, the closer I get to God the worse my attacks get. The more I clean up any openings or get rid of old habits and sins the worse my attacks get. And keep trying to get someone to teach me how to free myself and they don’t know, although they pretend to. The more I pled the Blood of Jesus, the stronger those demons get and the more I am literally tortured from head to toe. I have been experimenting with deliverance prayers and many of them stir up those demons from all parts of my body and when they surface the torturing intensifies 100 x’s stronger.

  4. Hello Wanda,
    May the Lord prevail in your life against all manner of evil. As said in book 1 attacks that follow as a result of being involved in the false doctrine on spiritual warfare include spiritual attacks, physical, mental, emotional, material, social and so on. So it could be in any category or any combination. Your experiences seem to be more on the spiritual level than in any other area. Please note that the so called deliverance prayers that address Satan and his demons actually legalize their attack against you. True deliverance prayers need to be addressed to God, not Satan. Pleading the Blood of Jesus against principalities is equally detrimental. Chapter 8 on Misinterpreted Scripture covers on the scriptural basis of the blood of Jesus. Other contents on the website also address this matter.

    The solution is the same in all cases once Satan gains legal access through the false teaching. Please read Chapter 6 Deliverance and Healing (http://spiritualwarfare.jesuswork.org/html/deliverance-and-healing-ch6.html ). This has info on what is required of those who once were deceived. It’s basically repentance (to God) and ceasing the practice and disassociating with groups that follow the teaching. Healing may not be overnight but it certainly comes as the Lord enables. Hopefully sooner than expected. Won’t say much since better info is in the chapter. Please stay in touch on your progress.

  5. Michael3:26:00 AM

    I have read about one of your teachings on the net, entitled "True Spiritual Warfare = Indirect Confrontation". Frankly speaking i have been inspired by the teachings and this has made me to request for hard/printed copies of your teachings. Thank You.
    Michael, Ghana, West Africa

  6. Greetings Michael,
    Yes, true spiritual warfare is indirect confrontation, involving us doing our part in allowing Christ, the “strongER man” to overpower the strong man (Satan). “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. But when someone STRONGER attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up the spoils,” Luke 11:21-22.

    Our business is to seek the intervention of Christ, the “stronger man,” through prayer, walking by faith (shield), in righteousness (breastplate), learning God’s word, walking in peace and mercy (shoes), occasional fasting, etc (See Appendix 1: Weapons of Spiritual Warfare). All these are disciplines focused on God (or on us living godly lives), not Satan. Yet they all have overcoming power because they enable God to fight on our behalf. They are spiritual weapons of war, yet indirect in nature. No direct confrontation required. Those who prescribe direct confrontation only disobey the scripture to their own peril (Job 41:1-11, Jude 1:8-10, 2 Peter 2:10-12). Needless to say some of us were part of this group, only to be saved by God from further consequences. Now we have work to save others from the furnace that comes through the false doctrine on spiritual warfare.

    The material will be freely mailed to you (to the address you emailed) given that you’re in a developing region. In the meantime please read on and print helpful material if you can. If you’re a minister do share with fellow pastors so that as many believers can be rescued through you. The Lord bless you.

  7. Anonymous10:37:00 PM

    Well, after all that has happened, instead of being stronger am afraid. Afraid to pray in case things get worse, right now I've just completely stopped praying and things are "fine" I just wish Christianity was all about me and my life, at least then I wasn’t going to mind whatever happened me but since it involves everyone, especially the people I love so much. I dont know what to do. I'm just in "there" for my mother. I'd love to write about how God is answering my prayers but no He isnt and am afraid. What scares me is dying in sin but the fear of my mother and my family suffering because of my getting on my knees is also too big for me to handle. So for now things are ok coz I've stopped praying, the day I pray things get worse at work, a tragedy happens etc, so untill things settle down. Please dont ask me to pray now, i need some time to sort things out then and only then will I be able to sacrifice anything.

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. The close association you have discovered between your periods of prayer and the level of problems you faced can be scary to any Christian. No one in his/her right mind would want to pray if this will negatively affect his life and those he loves. We pray to commune with God so that our lives can be blessed and those we intercede for. The Lord’s prayer is our good example.

    So instead of experiencing trouble we expect God to shield us from such evil. “Deliver us from evil,” we pray. And as Jesus said, God wants us, his children, to communicate with him through prayer and he delights in giving us good gifts. He desires to give us better things than our earthly parents would when we ask them.

    “Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him,” Matthew 7:9-11.

    Notice in the passage before Jesus said this that he was encouraging us to pray and ask God for all our needs. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened,” Matthew 7:7-8.

    While God may not give us all we ask and desire, what he gives or allows us to have always brings us closer to him than separating us. We grow in knowing we have a heavenly parent who has plans and desires for our best interest. This encourages us to pray more and ask even for trivial things.

    When the contrary happens, i.e. we pray and see evil increase it is time for SERIOUS searching. Because this is contrary to the scriptures. First we may ask, is it persecution for righteousness sake? The way you have given your experiences shows they are nowhere near this category. Are they trials of faith? Not when giving up is your only solution, avoiding prayer, through which deliverance comes through. In all accounts of trials of faith in scripture people increased rather than reduced their level of prayer. David became a prayer warrior while being pursued by Saul. He prayed more in times of battle with other nations and when his children brought problems. Jesus prayed ALL night with much grief during his worst trial before his crucifixion. The apostles usually gathered together to pray whenever they faced diverse trials. And so on.

    Could the problems be due to ignorance? I.e. could there be something you do not know is affecting your life? From your given account it seems possible. Could it be involvement in the false spiritual warfare? As the introduction of book 1 says, false spiritual warfare takes us into forbidden territory in the realm of the spirit. It is not spiritual warfare. It is what scripture calls spiritual slander of “celestial (heavenly) beings,” and which it says brings trouble on the slanderers (Jude 1:8-10, 2 Peter 2:10-12).

    Please see chapter 6, Deliverance and Healing, in book 1 for the solution to this. Many times merely being in a congregation that practices the false spiritual warfare is being in agreement to also face the consequences of spiritual slander. Please consider moving to another church if this is the case. And one that is not involved in this false doctrine. For any suggestion a Baptist church is worth visiting. Baptists are not prone to adopting extra-biblical teachings.

    Could it be due to sin? This only you know better. God does discipline us, out of love, not wrath when we stray. “The Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son,” Hebrews 12:6. Even in terms of God disciplining us would not result in matters you have narrated.

    Could it be due to unforgiveness? This too only you know better. Could there be someone who hurt you in whatever way that you are failing to forgive? Forgiveness does not mean becoming best friends with the person even though that would be quite a testimony. It implies letting go of all his/her wrongs and wishing him God's mercy rather than wrath. God may punish him/her but you have no role to play on the negative side. Yours is to ask God to open the person’s eyes to truly see his/her faults so that he/she can repent and obtain forgiveness from God. The person may not need to meet with you or you going to express your forgiveness. It’s the place he/she occupies in your heart that matters. He/she needs to move out of the area that holds bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, hate, vengeance, and so on, into the area that overlooks all the past wrongs.

    You also search for something that shows that although evil came your way God ultimately brought good out of it. This enables you to say like Joseph, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good,” Genesis 50:20. If nothing good can yet be associated with the harm please trust God to bring good out of it. It’s difficult to figure it out but this is were God does things in such an awesome way beyond our understanding. Tears may flow at a mere reflection of the harm but trust him to ultimately bring good out of it. Then move on to doing your part by forgiving. There is a prayer in chapter 7, Christian Persecution –A Deliverance Exception, on areas we can pray for over those who bring harm against us, believers.

    Otherwise you may face a prison experience similar to the servant who refused to forgive his fellow servant (Matthew 18:26-34). Jesus ended the parable by saying “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart,” Matthew 18:35. God does the sentence, not Satan. The prison experience may be spiritual, social, material, physical or whatever combination. It certainly brings unanswered prayer since the one not forgiving is still serving hard labor. However it does not result in avoiding prayer. The sentence ends when he/she chooses to forgive.

    Having said all this you have your own searching to do. Please do not give up until you find the real cause(s) to your unfortunate experiences. It’s your one Christian life and you deserve the best of all that God has for you in this life. Do stay in touch on your progress. May the Lord intervene in all areas of your life. Best wishes and prayers.

  9. THANK YOU a hundred times over for your website. About 5 years ago after many trials in my life I came back to God and prayed the 'sinners prayer.' At that time I got involved in a Charismatic church where there would be corporate singing in tongues (I have no problem with tongues if they are used as described in the Word with an interpretation). Once this happened I suddenly saw a white light and the word 'demon' came to my mind. That seemed to trigger off in me a lot of battles in my mind and many impure thoughts. I have lived for some time worrying about whether or not I have a demon in me and reading about spiritual warfare and thinking that I need major deliverance and suchlike. I bought Neil Andersons books and attended a conference. Nothing really changed. I mean, the thoughts are not constant, but like you say if I think about trying not to think them, I think them. Perhaps your site is an answer to God for me. I am no longer in the church I was in and go to a church where these false teachings are not taught. That is good. Perhaps I was worrying too much about having a demon instead of focusing on our Lord. I was obsessed with worries of needing someone else to come and intervene for me instead of turning to the One who can heal. Pray for me please!

  10. Greeting G,
    Thank you for writing and sharing your experience. Unfortunately what you went through is as common as water in some of our fellow evangelical groups. The good news is that the Lord has opened a wide door to defeat the false teachings on spiritual warfare and deliverance. The false teachings have been on the throne since the 1980’s. Now they are living on borrowed time. It’s been wonderful coming across many similar ministries ever since being called into deliverance ministry and exposing false doctrine.

    Continue doing your part in the challenge to overcome teachings that are derailing the lives of millions of heaven-destined Christians. God may have allowed it to happen for a season but he’s closing this door of harmful deception. Support us or join us in whatever way you can in spreading the true spiritual warfare and deliverance principles and overcoming the false.

    Bye for now. Best wishes and prayers. May the Lord continue blessing you.

  11. I was wondering if you can help me. Ever since I became saved, I’ve been having this reoccurring dream that I was casting out demons and leading people to repentance. You know how they say that everyone has a purpose in life. God has something for everyone to do. Can this bee what he wanted to me to???

  12. Greetings M
    Thanks for the mail. Dreams are one of the avenues God can speak to us as covered in one of the books on JesusWork.org (http://christian-living.jesuswork.org/t01-spiritual-growth-christian-doctrine/html/ways6to10.html ). In my case (Eric), the calling into deliverance ministry, was preceded by a dream many years before it made any sense. The dream remained a mere dream, waiting to be forgotten - until then.

    However, when related to a reoccurring dream much caution is needed. It seems to be showing that you're being insisted to get into deliverance ministry of casting out demons. God does not come in such a forceful way. He does not consistently insist on something just to prove a point or to show something. No. He works with us, in a loving way, sometimes taking years, using everyday experiences to enable us to connect all the pieces together. By the time it is clear we have enough conviction and willingness to follow his plan.

    Another precaution is that deliverance ministry is the most dangerous area of Christianity that believers are vulnerable to serious traps. Deliverance ministry is HIGHLY polluted with false doctrine. This includes the area of spiritual warfare where some of us were once victims, with unfortunate consequences. Having been there and helping many others it is our prayer that the Lord shields you from major false teachings. These teachings may influence you to get into the wrong kind of deliverance ministry.

    The wrong kind of deliverance ministry leads to demonic ministry that brings more bondage instead of being a deliverance ministry that brings freedom. It taps into forbidden territory of the spirit realm that only summons demons to torment believers. Such deliverance ministry gives demons access to hinder their lives in such a way that demons have a special ministry in believers' lives –a demonic ministry.

    In the area of casting out demons many ministries are not able to distinguish between demonic influence and demonic possession. Please see Chapter 5: Exception for Direct Confrontation, in book 1 (http://spiritualwarfare.jesuswork.org/html/deliverance-ministry-exceptn-5.html ). Many believers end up assuming they're under demonic possession when the problem is actually through demonic influence.

    Will end here. Hope your question has largely been answered. Hope and pray you will be able to minimize or even discard the whole relevancy of the persistent dream. Please remain in touch on your progress.

    With best wishes and prayers

  13. Anonymous12:20:00 PM

    I would like to have a printer friendly copy of chapter 8 biblical deliverance and healing, part one and 2. Or maybe you can help me print it my self with out the key pages on the side.
    Thank you, Robert

  14. Greetings Robert,
    Thank you for writing. The key pages on the side constitute a small part of the print-out. But if matters you can copy each desired section and paste it into a word processor like Microsoft Word. You may have to edit the layout a bit depending on which word processor you’re using. MS word 2003 and later versions may be able to capture the exact text layout.

    Best wishes. Chapter 8 Biblical Deliverance and Healing is evolving into an exhaustive crash course on deliverance principles for “self deliverance,” for loved ones, and ministries. Please continue checking for updates.

  15. Hi I am Deaf and communicate via American Sign Language ( ASL ). I have 2 questions please?

    I am reading books by the author Win Worley does he present true or false delieverance from the deaf and dumb spirit?

    Are there any true books specifically on the deaf and dumb spirit delievrance , healing and miracles please? You are permitted to send e-mail to me which is at my e-mail address .... Please make sure to type in the topic

    " Deaf and dumb spirit cast out "

    heath_1976_usa@yahoo.com Thank you and God Bless...Heath

  16. Hello Heath,
    Win Worley, author of Annihilating the Hosts of Hell, like his counterpart, Frank Hammond, author of Pigs in the Parlor, embrace the recent false teachings on spiritual warfare and Christian deliverance. As born again believers we are temples of the Holy Spirit. This is explained in book 1, Chapter 5: Exception for Direct Confrontation.

    There is nowhere in scripture where evil spirits are cast out of believers. Secondly demon possessed people never went round looking for Jesus hoping to be delivered from evils spirits. The demon possessed were so out of their mind or so bound that they had no control of themselves. The demons owned them. So either people who knew them sought Jesus or Jesus and his disciples came across such people as they went about preaching the gospel.

    Recently (from the 1980s) some believers began to categorize certain problems they found among other believers as aspects of demonic possession. Such heresies have happened before in church history. For instance if a believer had a serious temper problem he/she was said to have a spirit of anger. If he/she had a problem with lust he was said to have a spirit of lust or spirit of fornication. If it was woman disputing with her husband she was said to have a jezebel spirit. And so on.

    The categorization of evil spirits went out of hand and so did casting out these spirits. And many strategies were developed to get rid of the evil spirits. Some included coughing them out, cursing them, rebuking them, stomping on them, and son on. Whether scripture had any backing to such practices did not matter. No wonder they continue to fail in bringing any lasting deliverance on those seeking deliverance.

    There're many problems sincere Christians may go through that we may never fully understand why nor have the grace to solve all of them. We've got to be humble before our sovereign Lord and seek his perfect will while acknowledging that our understanding is limited and we may never solve all problems in this life. We prescribe biblical prescriptions to problems but beyond that would be going outside what the bible says.

    Thus the issue of the deaf and dumb spirit. We have an account where Jesus' disciples failed to cast out an evil spirit from a demon possessed child. The evil spirit controlled him to the extent that it often threw him in the fire or tried to drown him whenever the opportunity came. When the boy was brought to Jesus he said, "You deaf and mute spirit, I command you, come out of him and never enter him again," Mark 9:25.

    This is one of the biblical examples of those owned or possessed by demons -they had no control of themselves. The spirits living inside them were their masters, manifesting their will whenever it pleased them. Such are the people that need believers to go to them and cast demons out of them or preach the gospel which does overcome demonic strongholds. We meet such people in our towns and cities. They are helpless under heavy demonic strongholds.

    Other cases of demonic possession are people who get involved in the extremes of Satanism and the occult. Many of these individuals willfully invite Satan to come in and possess them during their rituals. It is similar to us believers who willfully invite Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. We ask him to abide in us and occasionally take communion to symbolize his indwelling of our lives.

    People in the extremes of Satanism and the occult do just the same, except to a different master -Satan. They drink each other's blood, of animals and at worst levels, blood of people in sacrifice to Satan, their god. He different spirit enters them as they summon Satan to take over their lives. They become possessed from within. Evil spirits enter their lives and begin to exercise control over their lives. Needless to say that there is plenty of hope for such people to find salvation.

    If we fully understood the implications of inviting Jesus into our lives to possess us and be Lord and Savior few would entertain the idea that a Christian can be demon possessed or evil spirit possessed. A person who has received Christ as his/her Savior cannot have a demonic possession problem. She has willfully embraced Christ as her Savior and invited him to live inside her through the Holy Spirit. She is now the temple of the Holy Spirit, with God living INSIDE her.

    “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is IN you, whom you have received from God?” (1 Corinthians 6:19). Can the Holy Spirit, who is holy, holy, holy, tolerate sharing his temple with evil spirits? He does not tolerate our sinful tendencies, how much more will he tolerate living together with an evil spirit?

    A believer who assumes he/she is demon possessed because of certain problems being experienced is therefore only deceived. Seeking demons to be cast out of him/her only opens the door to consequences of following false teachings. Those who jump to cast out demons from born again Christians only end up making the lives of these innocent unpossessed souls worse. Cases of Christians having serious mental problems are legion. Most of them where victims that fell to false teachings that treat demonic activity out of biblical context. Matters of demonic influence are mixed up with matters of demonic possession with unfortunate consequences.

    So a born again Christian who may have some form of strange problem or disability cannot be said to be demon possessed. It can be from demonic influence but not from demonic possession. Paul, the apostle was tormented by Satan throughout much of his ministry life. He received a thorn in the flesh from Satan that brought much pain and discomfort in his life. “There was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me,” 2 Corinthians 12:7.

    What was Paul's solution? He kept pleading with God to deliver him. He did not address some demons to come out of him or cough them out. We do not hear any names of evil spirits being mentioned. He turned to God to remove the demonic influence that was illegally operating over his life. “Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me,” (verse 8).

    And God, not demonic spirits, had the final say over Paul’s torment. “He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me,” (verse 9). God delivered him in a non-traditional way, by giving him the grace to endure his affliction.

    Each of us already born again are to seek God's deliverance from various obstacles we may have -spiritual, social, material, physical and so on. He will have his final say, not some demonic beings who have only received God's permission to hinder us. Without God's permission they'd have no door of entry into our lives - unless we legally open one. They illegally operate over our lives once all their legal doorways are closed: deception, ignorance, sin and storms of life (when not responded appropriately).

    The only one to answer for their illegally access is God. He is the one we're to approach, not the demons. In his sovereign will he may allow strange demonic influence for a season, a situation or for an entire lifetime. Why he allows such demonic influence (not demonic possession) on his children, born again believers, can be another lengthy subject with its own limitations.

    Please read book 1, Chapter 5: Exception for Direct Confrontation. The seven day series in Chapter 8. Christian Deliverance and Healing will also be helpful to you. By the time you read the major sections you'll have an understanding on how to biblically seek to resolve obstacles you may have -spiritual, social, material, physical and so on. It's better to follow the biblical prescription than to look in wrong places, ending up in a worse state or going in circles (a wilderness)).

    May the Lord fight all your battles. May he effectively work out all matters in your life and enabling you to do your part. Best wishes and prayers.

  17. Anonymous3:27:00 PM

    I a looking for a good delverance pastor/minister to help my wife. She has had attacks from the devil since she gave her life to Christ in January of this year.

    Does anyone know anyone in Orange County/LA that we can contact? I am desparate.

  18. Dear beloved in Christ,
    Sincere apologies for what you and your wife have gone through. May the Lord deliver her from all the attacks from the devil she has been facing ever since she gave her life to Christ. Your experience is not new to us. Many sincere heaven-destined believers do fall victim to strange demonic attacks for various reasons. We hope you'll find and apply the biblical answers for freedom we share.

    Instead of receiving salvation after giving her life to Christ your wife received more demonic attacks. Instead of receiving the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of comfort, she receives a tormenting spirit. Instead of a fish she receives a snake. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with some churches -not with God, and also not your wife. Your wife was doing fine just before she came across some of these churches.

    "Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!" Luke 11:11-13.

    So let's settle that it is not God who gave her a snake after she asked for the Holy Spirit. But someone did because this a cause-effect matter. If it ain't God and it ain't your wife herself then that only leaves the church she went to receive salvation.

    However the fact that God allowed it for her to innocently fall under a church that embraces false teachings means he has an answer. And thanks be to him for leading you to this website. You could have ended up at one that embraces false teachings and would prescribe exorcism or demons being cast out of your born again and heaven-destined wife. This is among the main reasons the Lord established Jesus Work Ministry - to rescue sincere Christians from destructive teachings and churches.

    Churches that embrace false and destructive teachings are breeding grounds for demons. Demons would love them to grow so that more innocent Christians would fall under their spell of deception of beliefs that are mere misinterpretation of scripture. Sincere believers who find themselves caught up in these churches are heaven-destined just like any other sincere and committed born again Christian in a clean (doctrine-wise) church. The only problem is the hindrances the false teachings bring to ones life in this life.

    Jesus Work Ministry is a deliverance ministry that is truth-centered in bringing deliverance. It is a traditional deliverance ministry that embraces doctrine on deliverance that has existed throughout church history. It is not among the recent deliverance ministries that recently developed from the spiritual warfare movement. These are recent developments because church history is over 2,000 years. Whether they came up in the 1970s or early 1980s makes them very, very new spiritual warfare and deliverance teachings - compared to 2,000 year teachings.

    Our spiritual warfare and deliverance books available online cover on what’s biblical and what is not, what's constructive vs. the destructive teachings on spiritual warfare and deliverance. Armed with the material shared you'll know how to confront all matters in your life using biblical principles that have stood the test of time.

    In regard to spiritual problems your wife has been going through please read book 1 Day 4 (Part 4) of Chapter 8. Christian Deliverance and Healing - Spiritual Health Areas. It is assumed your wife is seeing or hearing demonic beings or both. Her eyes have been opened to seeing or hearing matters in the spirit realm -albeit the wrong spirit realm. May the Lord close her eyes and ears from seeing or hearing these fowl spirits that do nothing but take away our joy and peace with God and with ourselves. Please make it your constant prayer -that her senses be closed from all experiences with demonic spirits.

    Please avoid churches that are merely breeding grounds for demons -talking from personal experience and extensive counseling. Most Pentecostal and charismatic churches embrace teachings that misinterpret the scripture on spiritual warfare and Christian deliverance. The introduction of book 1 explains how they ended up embracing the teachings on spiritual warfare and Christian deliverance that started in the 70s or 80s. For any suggestion a Baptist church is your safe spiritual home where salvation is preached and the gospel is not misinterpreted or twisted. There may not be as much entertainment and fanfare in some Baptist churches but at least the whole truth is shared.

    Jesus Work Ministry is a non-denominational evangelical ministry. But recommending that you find a Baptist church is safer than saying a non-denominational church. This is because some non-denominational churches embrace destructive false teachings that Pentecostal and charismatic churches follow. Reading book 1 would help you to easily distinguish between the true and the false.

    Getting to specifics. Does your wife need to go to a deliverance church where a deliverance pastor would pray and cast demons out of her? If you've followed what has been shared you should know the answer is a big NO. Day 4 (Part 4) of Chapter 8. Christian Deliverance and Healing - Spiritual Health shares on such matters in-depth. The entire book 1 covers in depth on deliverance matters that are of interest to you. Please read on and print all helpful resources published on the website of Jesus Work Ministry. Continued best wishes and prayers for you and your wife.

  19. Anonymous3:30:00 AM

    I have been saved for many years now but my wife remains quite resistant to the gospel. Although she says she believes, she has no interest in the bible or growing in a relationship with God. Years ago, after I was saved, she was diagnosed with a mental disorder witch over the years has gotten much better but she still resist my belonging to a church or fellowshiping with other christians often with much anger and contentiousness. She never has returned to being the women I married as she has numerous tattoos and body piercings. I often wonder if the cause of her changes could be at its root some sort of demonic spirit or spirits

    ron want2berea2@yahoo.com

  20. J. Allen3:47:00 PM

    I don't know how I found your website, but sure glad I did! It has confirmed what I have experienced. Before I was saved, heavily involved in new age etc and weegie board, which was the end of me as a person who knew reality. I ended up with spirits speaking through me and moving my body. I called the Catholic church and a priest read the bible to me. The spirits were chucking me on the floor when he prayed for me. Then went on to a pentecostal church and was baptized, later on received the gift of tongues. Carried on in pentecostal churches. Finally exhausted all churches (including Baptist which most people I met didn't seem to know the Lord). Then the Lord himself led me to a group of Bereans who met in a village hall who all had come out of error. Since meeting with this church (they have a very good library on books dealing with error), This is a small group and there is no hype. Over the last six months the demonic spirits have got less and less as more and more error has been uncovered and through stopping the practices of casting out spirits (this has been going on ever since I got saved)and leaving all pentecostal hype and incorrect teaching behind. Authors such as Jacob Prasch and Arnold Fruchtenbaum have given me teachings on Israel and the Messianic Kingdom that have opened my eyes to a glorious future awaiting. The voice still occasionally speaks through me but I am going to study your book online and pray that God will lead me to more truth. This is the only path to freedom, though many people I know disagree!

  21. Greetings Allen,
    You're on the right track. Glory be to God. Being rescued from the occult and later from false teachings in the body of Christ is quite a journey. May the Lord continue leading you into all truth, removing every veil of untruth. You're on the right track in avoiding teachings that assume a Christian can have both the Holy Spirit and evil spirits living in the same temple -a believer. Once the Holy Spirit indwells a believer Satan's influence becomes an issue of EXTERNAL influence and manipulation rather than INTERNAL. That's why the scripture says, "You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is IN you is greater than the one who is in the world (external (explanation mine))," 1 John 4:4. Many believers are being needlessly hindered through false teachings that assume demons can indwell a born again, sincere believer. EXTERNAL influence and manipulation that appears as if it's INTERNAL does not imply it's an internal problem. It needs to be confronted the same way as we confront all EXTERNAL influence and manipulation such as temptation, the fallen nature and deception. No demons need to be cast out, since they're already operating from outside. Please read on from our online books that expose such teachings that deviate from the scripture. Our books also point to the truth in the gospel that is our only foundation. All else is sinking sand. The Lord bless you, keep you and guide you always.

  22. Anonymous6:47:00 PM

    The Lord has lead me to put my testimony on cd, and talk to the younger generations based on my experience with physical spritual attacks for over 12 years!

    I was baptized and still that didn't end the attacks and I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until I fell to my knees and begged, and asked God into my life. I openly allowed him free reign in my life and with studying His word ( I was on fire, still am...) The attacks first became severe and less frequent, to non existant!

    Now almost four years later... I had attacks again. I couldn't figure out why... My life was the same, I had given up things in my life that kept me in Satan's chains along time ago... why was this happening. When I read your article, or chapter explaining that sometimes it is God's choice for Satan to enter in your life not through "legal" channels but regardless, it would be for the benefit of God's will and purpose... ( Uh something to that effect) I am excited here please bear with me...

    Well just recently my husband and Ihave had amazing blessings come our way. We will be doing the Lord's work shortly on a level that involves other people. One person my husband is working with has just recently given his life to Christ again and is so new in his faith. I knew that, but what I didn't know is that this person used a so called game ( I did too as a teen which lead to the spiritual attacks) But satan is at work in his life differently. I knew something was wrong, but couldn't figure out what... until my husband told me. The events that happened before me knowing anything significant about this man, well significantly humbled me. Events were causing me to doubt and eventhough I had confirmation from the Lord... I doubted partially. Upon recieving the news about this young Christian, I now see that I was physically attacked because I have to grow. If I am to share my testimony and help others. I still need to fear God more than I do satan, and I can't tell you how greatful I am that God lead me to your site.
    I know deliverance isn't what my fears were all about, and I kept saying " God, I don't want to see or hear evil, I don't want to do this, but I'll do it." Now I am saying " God strengthen me, I am willing and able with you at my side. Without you I am nothing!"

    Thank you for your words, your book. I had no idea what deliverance was or who to talk to. I did consider going to a priest, but thought they would look at me as looney. Finding God and His deliverance on your own can be hard, but it doesn't have to be , thanks to this site. God Bless, Shannon

  23. I have been battling in my mind thoughts of sickness and disease and death. My death or loved ones and I have had thoughts about being diagnosed with some horrible diseases and I pray and go and get prayer. I so tired now I feel like giving up! I've been back and fourth to the doctors about different things I feel. Every time the doctors say there's nothing wrong. That's great! But the attacks keep coming. What should I read first. How should I go about receiving total deliverance and keeping it. I'm lost. I am a christian, but I need help.


  24. Anonymous10:40:00 AM

    I am 18 years old and I do not know whether I should fast or not because I am so young. However, in my heart, I felt thankful to the Lord for what he has told me the purpose and meaning of fasting. Thank you for your website. I yearn to learn more.

  25. Hi,
    I was so happy to see your website. I have been severely oppressed by demons on two occasions. I have labeled them as episodes where I have been so influenced by them that I would have done about anything they would have told me to do. It was all suggestion, I never felt controlled. They had me fooled in to believing that they were angels. I had always believed that oujia boards and any contact with spirits were demonic. Over the years however, I occasionally practiced passive writing-- a form of contacting spirits. I repented of my doing this, but I was never convinced that I really was talking to a spirit. I wasn't sure. I am now, of course. During the time where I became deceived by these demons, I had been very sinful in thoughts- I had not committed adultery physically, but I had in my heart. I was driving in my car and felt the compulsion to passive write. The spirit over a period of about a month, had me convinced it was an angel. I had repented of my adulteress feelings, and felt better than ever. The spirit encouraged me to study the bible and pray, though it seemed to guide sometimes-I thought that I had biblical insights like never before. interfere with prayer. It had eventually made me doubt things I knew, such as it told me to not pray in the name of Jesus, like it wasn't necessary. My first "episode" occurred after it gained my trust, I had no sleep for about 2 nights and experienced hallucinations. The demons could have told me the world was flat and I would have believe it at this point. My behavior become so strange that my father and husband took me to the hospital. I was given some drugs that the doctor admitted that he was puzzled that they seemed to work immediately. When I came to my senses, and realized what had happened-the demons identified themselves as demons and said that if I continued to pray and read the bible they would make me crazy permanently. After this, I was in denial that it wasn't in my mind--and if you only know what happened during the episode--you would not have a single doubt that what I experienced was in fact not a mental breakdown--I've been nothing but a healthy 34 year old women--mentally and physically until this point. I can't believe other than the fact that I was in denial and wanted so bad to think that I was really talking to an angel of God that they tricked me again--(I know that was very stupid on my part) into believing that I was talking to an angel-again! Of course the "angel" said that the episode was demonic--it said that demons had taken over while I was talking to the angel. About a month or so later--I again had another "episode" and another trip back to the hospital. Again the doctor was stumped at my sudden wellness. This second episode was not near as severe as the first. No hallucinations, I felt in my right mind except that they asked me to do things and I did them so I did behave bizarrly again. Anyway--after this happened I was able to hear the demons and their threats. They didn't try to convince me that they were angels again. They seemed to like getting credit for my torment. Sometimes they would say "yeah, your just crazy Lisa, all this is in your head" Again it was all in my mind--as thoughts--I never actaully "heard" anything in my ears. They told me that I was going to hell, God didn't love me, all sorts of things to upset me. They mocked me and dared me on one occasion to "cast" them out by name of Jesus. They said I didn't have enough faith and he wouldn't help me anyway. They said I was indeed possessed and was Satan's. I begged for God to close the door that I knew I had opened myself-- I was afraid that his Grace might have been sufficient for me as in Paul's case. There were times that I thought that I could not handle life with this--having these thoughts in my head. The evening before I was healed by God of this--(and I am aware that God is always in control and they were only allowed to do what he allowed--so I was always being protected--but not healed of this-- ) They had got quite a bit more threatening to me. They said how can you keep praying to a God that hears you cry over this and does nothing to help you? They said that they would indeed make me so crazy that I would be put away in an institution for life and my children would not have a mother. They asked me if that's what I wanted to happen--they said --all I have to do is deny God and they would leave me alone. I usually tried to resist talking back to them in thoughts or voice. I usually started praying. This time I did say something back--I said that I guess I'll have to be crazy in this life because I will never turn away from God. It was not easy to say--I truely believed that they could make me crazy as they said. I was very hurt at the thought of my children having a crazy mother and my poor husband having to deal with me going insane--My husband had been so wonderful through this whole thing. My husband, who previously didn't even believe in demons-- knows that my experience was demonic. He believes in them now! Anyway--I know this is long--but I need to get to the part where God helped me. The next day--the demons were taunting me again and I decided to go to my pastor and tell him. I didn't know if he would think that I was crazy or if he would believe, but I thought that if he prayed about it, I thought that the Holy Spirit would let him know to believe me. I explained why I was in the mess, and it was my fault, I explained that in some ways so much good has come out of it--but I couldn't understand why God was still allowing this to happen after I turned from my sin. My pastor listened and believed me. As I was leaving he prayed with me but did not address the demonic problem. The demons had warned me before I stepped in to the church that Ken better not try to cast them out because he didn't know what he was doing. They did not want me to go at all. When I walked out of the church I was glad that he believed me but disappointed because he hadn't really done what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to demand them by Jesus' name to leave me alone. He didn't do that. He didn't even address the problem really, but when I walked out the door I was bombared with what sounded like someone was screaming at me but the only way I can describe it is that the sound was muffled so that I couldnt understand what was said, but knew they were yelling. Yes in thought still, not in "hearing". I don't know how to tell you how I knew they were yelling, I just knew. The demons were very mad. I say demons, I don't know if it was one or not--they said their were many, I only sensed that one was talking to me. Anyway, it was like God put his hand over their "mouth" as they were yelling so I couldn't understand. After a few days, the thoughts occurred less frequently and still muffled. I finally realized why God chose to heal me that way. I had begged him over and over to make it stop--to close the door I opened. If he had done that, I wouldn't have known he was helping me for sure. See, I didn't have the thoughts non-stop though it was worse at times than others. I went weeks at a time without hearing anything from the demons. It had been worse at the end, but if God suddenly removed it-- I would never known for sure that he did anything. So many times God has worked in my life and I didn't give him credit. I didn't know if he helped or not. This case, I knew 100% that he healed me. No person could do it only God himself! What a wonderful feeling to know God heard me and had mercy on me!! The other reason that I think that he healed me this way is for me and the few people that know about this to know for certain that I wasn't just crazy and I wasn't healed because I "believed" I was. Kind of like the power of the mind. I would have never thought of being partially healed. His way was so much better than mine. When I stepped out of that church I did not expect that anything would have changed. Ken didn't cast them out like I wanted! Praise God for the miraculous healing I had....That's the good news. The bad news is that it seems that after this occurred--about 3 months later I was getting the thoughts again. I have to actively tune it out sometimes. I have to be concentrating or quiet to get the thoughts. Lately I've been having them again. I don't understand why? I am not seeking to speak with spirits, I have never had a problem with unforgiveness--, and I don't believe it's a particular sin I'm involved in. I pray so much, God is on my mind more than anything else in my life. I read the word- I listen to bible studies-that take the bible literal as I do. I don't believe to be involved in false docterine. I'm confused about what to do. Any suggestions?
    Also there are some added things I would like to mention about the experience. The demons never said a bad thing about Jesus, the closest they came was that they said that Satan was the savior of the world. Never really addressed Jesus. I don't think they were allowed to or were scared to. Also they said that they absolutely hate people and God should not have ever created them. They tried to make me believe that God only loves Jewish people. I was at the point that I believed that God loved everyone else in the whole world but me--they would get me so upset. They bragged that they could make me cry anytime they wanted, times I didn't know they were doing anything. Also, the first episode that was severe, I experienced what I would call channeling, I guess. They were talking through me. I allowed them to. They seemed to actually blow air in to me. It was like nothing I've ever felt before. I could not make my self inhale that much air and imitate the feeling. It was almost like I had to inhale to get their thoughts clearly. Have you heard of this? Any explanation? They also spoke through me in sounds I've never heard before. I thought the Holy Spirit was talking through me. Please let me know if you have any explanations for this.
    Thank you. I finally understand why trying to get rid of the demons in the name of Jesus did not work. I thought I lacked faith--which I did. Not that Jesus couldn't help me or that he was Lord and Savior, but I never felt like I had the authority to cast them out. I also am put at ease that I was oppressed and not possessed. I was puzzled by that because I thought I was saved years ago.
    Thanks and sorry for the length.

  26. Anonymous10:43:00 PM

    Golgotha, Place of the Skull, Jesus was taken there where He was crucified. It houses the brain, the brain projects the mind. The battlefield of battlefields. The mightiest War any man will ever fight, is there. It must be Transformed by Him, transformed to the point where a ruddy man with (5 stones; Ministry 5 fold given by the Holy Spirit; water) can take One Stone; our Cornerstone, the Stone the builders rejected and spake to a Giant and have it hit home, have it resonate to the point that the Giant falls prostrate in total submission on his face to the ground. Goliath is standing squarely before us everytime we see our reflection. Alas we meet our greatest enemy. Us!

  27. Anonymous4:06:00 PM

    I am new to Christianity. I am trying to find out if I am too late (almost 50) to try and reach the holy spirit or God for protection or peace and salvation. I have had horrible dreams and felt two "things" come into my room one evening that terrified me. I was in a bad auto accident and have had 11 surgeries to put me back in some sort of way, but I am in constant pain and can never seem to sleep, even with medicine. This has been going on for 6 years. I just am exhausted every 2- 3 days and sleep for several hours at a time, but fitfully. Could this be how the devil gets into my life? I don't seem to have any energy to fight fallen angels and I have only started reading the Bible so I don't know of any scriptual readings yet to protect me. None of my friends are close to being Christians, and although I was raised in a church, I would be considered an infant with my severely limited knowledge of the Bible or Jesus. I have trouble reading and comprehending the Bible, but mostly I want to stop the physical pain, and develop a spiritual life with what is left of my time here on earth.
    How do you approach a church or minister and tell them these things so they can help you? I am very afraid that I will never know Jesus the way I am going which is very slow....but I am trying. I can't think of any major sin except that the years I've wasted in not being a Christian bother me greatly.
    Can you suggest anything for me? Is it too late for me?
    God Bless you!

  28. Anonymous11:45:00 PM

    I am currently fasting and praying over an unusual situation. My husband became possessed by a bear spirit (demon) after attending a Navaho animal dance, where animal spirits went into the participants. We didn't want to go but it was a required Native Studies course. I sorta wandered off because as a Christian I felt uneasy. But my husband was forced to stay with the proffesor and a few days later he started growling in his sleep like a bear and the deep growling echoed in our bedroom. He started getting extremely dizzy and no doctor could find any physical cause and MRI scans were o.k. Within one week, he was suddenly cruel, wicked, adulterous, lied and cursed excessively. He enjoyed my tears and sorrow. His presence felt like a snake more than a human being. Three months later, he was delivered after fasting and prayer. He woke up in jail over a weapons charge with a baby Christian inmate praying over him. He still doesn't recollect where or what he was doing during those 3 months of possession. Now seven years later today, I think the THING, which we called the demon - has returned. My university educated husband had taken up a job offer at a Aboriginal museum and thought that he would be protected by God because he prayed daily for protection. The income was good which we needed at the time. But he did sense evil in the building and felt spiritually attacked off and on. He would phone and we would pray. I was working and trying to complete my contract over 200 miles away to join him at our new house. Suddenly I didn't hear from him. I drove to our new house, empty and locked. I later found him at another woman's house he was now staying common-law with. He said she was pregnant and it was over between us. Heartbroken I went to his other workplace residence and found a hand drawn picture of a Native warrior but half of the other face was purely demonic and horrible. I recognized it as my husband's drawing. I believe my husband left a clue as to what happened again - he is repossessed. I feel like I am caught in some stupid t.v soap opera. I know there is too much damage and I can't go back to him. I really don't know if the THING lied and she isn't pregnant. I just don't know what to do or feel - maybe he is not repossessed and it is just his sinful self. I feel confused because my husband had made comments that the THING had said seven years ago. He also started talking about stuff that happened seven years ago like it was yesterday. It is as if the THING just assumed seven years had not passed. Or maybe there is no THING and this is just an evilman I had the misfortune of marrying. I REALLY NEED YOUR PRAYERS. Thanks. (Unfortunately this is not a prank email)Cor

  29. Anonymous12:42:00 PM

    My daughter has a "spiritual Husnabd" and they actually have physical sex. I have prayed for her deliverance but she says it is a good thing and she doesn't want to give it up. What can I do?

  30. Anonymous7:26:00 AM

    In our youth group, every one smoke and I talked to our pastor about it, he said that Bible didn't mention smoke is bad. I know nicotine is just as addictive as stront drugs. Please let me know if smoking addection is influenced by the demon spirit, it seems those with such addiction all have other spiritual problems.

  31. Anonymous10:03:00 PM

    I just wanted to say that I just reviewed your website for the 1st time and I really feel blessed. I know now that I am not alone with having experienced false doctrine. I now have the courage to look ahead and believe and trust that the Lord Jesus Christ will never leave nor forsake me. Thank you for your obedience to him!

  32. Anonymous9:16:00 PM

    I am reading your book for the first time (just found the website yesterday) and have a question on something confusing me:

    I have a friend who mentioned that the world is under Satan's control. I refuted that God reigns and Satan is only allowed to move where God allows. Your book points out 1 John 5:19 in Chapter 5 and you imply that he is "ruling". However, the quote of Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible in Chapter 6 (#4) seems to support the concept that Satan can only move as God allows. Please clarify.

    Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of believers and the lost.

  33. Anonymous11:33:00 PM

    Hi, I am in need of someone in Australia...Eastern seaboard that is really able to do deliverance, and can discuss sensible my problem..

    I have a familiar spirit that openly blasphemes Christ...and God..

    Any one who can help??

  34. Anonymous11:39:00 PM

    Hi..From TOM..

    I am an Australia and have a familiar spirit, even though I have been a Christian for over 10 years. This spirit openly blasphemes Christ and the Father....

    Is there some one in Australia (NSW) that could help..or someone who can discuss the situation...


  35. Anonymous12:21:00 AM

    Hi Tom,
    See this page on familiar spirits: http://www.spiritualwarfaredeliverance.com/html/deliverance-and-healing-04.html

  36. As a teenager a friend of mine I believe was possesed by demons as she was into seances and some witchcraft things and did not believe in God. She suffered severe multiple personality.
    I became very involved with her thinking I could help. Her personalities changed frequently and she spoke to me in different voices. At first all was intriguing then over time she became very nasty. The spirits in her threatened to possess me too and when that did not work as my heart was in God, they threatened to hurt me, soon after my nightmares began, the voices, the dark shadows walking around my room, the physical attacks by evil spirits. I went to my family for help they just thought I was crazy and made fun of me. A friend joined in to help who shortly after also experiences nightmares, voices and then suffered an eating disorder which consumed her life. My family moved to a different state and things got better. I never saw her again until years later when staying in a caravan one house from hers where again the spirits came to me and spent the whole night scaring me witless.I saw her the next day but we did not speak. I also found out years later my younger sister who was only 13 at the time was terrified of my room because she could see and hear bad things in there.
    I learnt the hard way not to mess in things you dont understand. And unforenatly have spent my whole life since then having evil spirits come in and out of my life. Although through much tribulation have learnt with the peace of God in my heart when they now come I pray to God and in a short time they pass on. Then I smile and shake my head wondering why they are wasting there time.
    I finally realised something that I should have known all along, God is always there even in the worst attacks he has it under control he watches and waits for us to ask for help I was never alone like I thought. Never
    Some lessons are just learnt the hard way

  37. Thank you Cathy for sharing your experiences in battling the evil spirits and the different ways they manifest. It is comforting to learn that the battle is the Lord's. Deliverence is his ministry and many times learning the hard way (for some of us) enables us to share with others the do's and don'ts, what works and what doesn't, what's biblical and what's not, what brings deliverance and what invites bondage, etc. May the Lord continue to use you in equipping the body of Christ with is ways.

  38. Dear Rev.Dr. Eric Gondwe:

    Greetings in Christ. May the Lord Continue to use you mightily for His good Pleasure.

    I was very blesse to have read you book most recently. When I picked it up, I couldn't put it down.I shall read it again. I have been in Christian Ministry all my Adult life, and have leaned much from you truly Biblical understanding of indirect confrontation of the Evil one. I always felt it was strange to hear many bind and loose the Evil one and his friends when a person was not possessed.
    Also, I have seen too many time where the minister wants to get the Glory and attention of the great deliverences. God is a jealous God, as you point out in your book, and doesn't share his accomplishments with mortals.
    I agree and have been very saddened by the fact of people thinking that they are speaking in tongues when they are not. The Greater something looks to the real thing , the greater the Counterfeit, you have spoken well in this regard.
    I think you are the first one besides me that I have heard of that says one should not speak to any spirit but God. Even when casting out Spirits, we shouldn't be talking with the devils. Futher more, we only speak to Angels when should they bring us a message from God, and even then we must discen what is being said according to God's Word. The Devil can come as an Angel of Light.
    I could go on and on, but I wish to say again, thank you very much ,and God bless you.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Rev. Mr. Joseph A. Pascha

  39. Anonymous10:12:00 AM



  40. Greetings Jean,
    May the Lord, the righteous Judge who is ultimately the one in control, intervene and prevail over your case.

    Please go to the following page for content related to your area (You can copy the link and insert it in the address bar of your browser): http://www.spiritualwarfaredeliverance.com/html/wounded-spirit-healing-etc.html

    Regarding your experiences with Wicca , an appropriate page is: http://www.spiritualwarfaredeliverance.com/occult-occultism-deliverance-healing/index.html

    On the pages dealing with deliverance and healing from the occult you'll find links to Jeff Harshbarger's ministry, Refuge Ministries. Jeff is a satanist now in Christ. You'll receive in depth helpful info on deliverance and healing from people with first hand experience in the occult.

    We also have lots of helpful resources and books on deliverance principles (such as on prayer and fasting) that you can read online at www.SpiritualWarfareDeliverance.com. Please do make use of our online resources.

    May the Lord fulfill his deliverance and healing work in your life. Best wishes and prayers for you and your family.

    "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus," Phil. 1:6 (NIV)

    In Christ's work,
    Eric Gondwe
    Jesus Work Ministry
    JesusW.com & SpiritualWarfareDeliverance.com


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